The George Edward Lodge Trust are collating artwork images and photographs for a future book publication – George Lodge’s hawking diary.


The G.E.L. hawking diary gives the reader a unique insight into falconry from the painters’ hand, and the falconers’ eye. Many of the past celebrated falconers’ within the diary were close hawking companions, and in a few cases, George Lodge struck up a friendship which lasted a lifetime.  Lodge would sketch and paint their hawks, and produced artwork on raptors that could not be equalled for detail, both of anatomy and plumage.  This combination of meticulous study has earned him the title of ‘The falconers’ artist’, and his raptorial artwork will always be revered by falconers’.

George Lodge’s lifetime work on the noble sport has assembled an historical picture of British falconry during the 19th and early 20th Centuries. The volume (s) will contain a high percentage of material which has not previously been published.  The Trust has researched this project for over four years, and catalogued some significant material to accompany the diary manuscript.  This will be a real treat for falconers’ and sportsman alike, to acquire in the future, a truly special publication of Falconry Heritage.

Do you have in YOUR possession any relevant G.E.L. falconry artwork or photographs between September 18
th 1886 – August 26th 1939?  If you do, the  Trust would like to hear from you…

The images required are of George Lodge’s hawking companions and their hawks.
These individuals include:

Major Charles Hawkins Fisher, E.B. Michell, T.J. Mann, Alfred Frost, Gerald Lascelles, J.E.  Harting, Captain R. Thompson, Lord Leicester, W.R. Bryden, Grant & Boyd Harsburgh, B. Jones, W. Jones, A. Newall, Colonel Watson, Colonel Sandford, Dr H.O. Blanford, George Oxer, R. Gardner, Rowland Ward, Captain Gilbert Blaine, A. Reed, Harmsworth Family, Leonard Potter, Sir Umar, H. Swann, Kim Muir, Bobbie Spens, B. Ruttledge, Phillip Glasier, Jack Mavrogordato, Hugh Knight, Charles Knight, Norman Knight, Harry Savory, Robert Blockey, Hugh Manson-Bahr, Clinton Manson-Bahr, Major Stanley Allen, Basil Chamberlain, Gordon Robinson, Tony Jack, Guy Aylmer, Mr & Mrs Michael Scott, Mr & Mrs Williams, Armstrong Payne, General Bermess, Major Maydon, Mrs Davenport and Telford-Smollet.    Some unknown surnames: Henley, Patterson, Kintyre, Standon, Studley, Long, Chalmers and Calcroft.
This is a rare opportunity to become involved and contribute towards a piece of falconry heritage.  All contributors will have an acknowledgement within the publication, or remain
anonymous, if they so wish.

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