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The Hawking Diaries of an Artist-Naturalist-Falconer 1886-1939 Limited Edition (300 only)


The Hawking Diaries of an Artist-Naturalist-Falconer 1886-1939 Limited Edition (300 only)



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  1. frankie meek

    “Parcel arrived today. I had expected the size of the Artist Naturalist book but surprisingly it was much bigger and thicker. The size, and its style, really compliments the subject and the reproduction of the coloured pictures is superb. I have rarely seen a book of similar quality before, it is truly magnificent and will surely become a milestone in the history of falconry.
    The book is a wonderful piece of work, again well done indeed. It is an absolutely marvellous result from your efforts and much research over many years and it is a most enjoyable read.”
    Chris Baxter. UK

  2. frankie meek

    “Hawking diaries truly a beautiful compilation you will be bowled over!
    Thank you for your recommendation. You must be extremely proud of being part of a beautiful work like this, I would be. It is a rare thing in that it’s a modern publication harking back to a lost era I feel. I love it.”
    Dr. Andrew Pickering. UK

  3. frankie meek

    “Just wanted to let you know that the Hawking Diaries arrived this morning.
    I’ve had a quick peek and it looks fabulous, but I will wait until Xmas day before I start it properly. Cannot wait.”
    Steve Barr. UK

  4. frankie meek

    “Hi Brian. I’ve enjoyed seeing the comments about the Lodge diaries, and regret not having ordered a copy. In truth, I’ve become increasingly disillusioned with various books I’ve ordered in recent years, which have been expensive and, on the whole, very uninspiring. Well done on bucking that trend. If by chance you have any unsold ltd ed. copies, I’ll be ready with my card details.
    Thanks. The book arrived safely, and I’ve enjoyed it – I haven’t read much yet, but how could anyone start to read without first admiring the pictures? It was fun to see how many had been on my walls at different points in time, and lovely for the friends who have them on their walls now.”
    Tony James. UK

  5. frankie meek

    “Hi Brian. I received the book today, thank you for the care taken to make sure the parcel arrives undamaged. Just flicking through the pages at the moment and I have to say its spectacular too view the content. Thank you again for all your help.”
    Kindest regards, Rowland. UK

  6. frankie meek

    “My Long awaited copy of George Edward Lodge Hawking Diaries arrived this morning. Well, amazing! I thought Brian would do a good job producing this book, but he has done a truly outstanding job! Obviously I’ve not had chance to read it yet. But everything about it screams quality! The layout, binding, some fantastic photos and obviously George Lodge’s Beautiful paintings. If you’re going to spend your hard earned money on a new book this year, spend it on this one..You won’t be disappointed!
    Brian, all that time has turned out something top-class. Honestly, you can see where your time has gone! Nice to see something totally fresh as well. You’re not trying make a quick buck and resurrect something that’s been printed several times before! it’s spot-on!”
    Chris Miller. UK

  7. frankie meek

    “Received my new copy of George Lodge Hawking Diaries today. Anyone who gets one will be delighted these leather bound books are a delight and the images are incredible many I’ve never seen before. I’m certainly looking forward to reading this. So if you are at a loss to buy a falconer in your life I’m pretty sure they’ll love this. Excellent job Brian for putting this together and sharing it to the wider falconry community. There are only 300 of these leather bound books available from the George Edward Lodge Trust.”
    Neil Davies. UK

  8. frankie meek

    “Omg it’s arrived thank you, full of antiquity, history and amazing pictures. Such a beautiful book and an amazing asset to the art of Falconry.”
    William Pinchers. UK

  9. frankie meek

    “Dear Brian,
    Thank you for the Lodge diaries. What a magnificent production, one that offers a window onto a lost world. Absolutely fascinating. I am into the 1930s and every page produces a new revelation.
    I hope it sells well and that you are sufficiently encouraged to produce more titles. Makes my thirty years of hawking journals look very humble in comparison!
    I knew Gordon Robinson very well and he regularly came to London when I was on Fleet Street, which meant lunch and visit to the Tryon.”
    With best wishes, Nick Kester (BFC President). UK

  10. frankie meek

    Received the book yesterday, I Feel you did an excellent job on it. I started reading at 6 pm next thing I knew it was Midnight!
    I am very happy to add it to my Falconry book collection.
    Thank you.”
    Wayne Pennington. USA

  11. frankie meek

    “Arrived a couple off days ago, highly recommended, it was a long time ago since I have seen a book so well printed. Full off pictures in the right colour and lovely to be able to read the diary of Lodge. Basically falconry didn’t changed much.. very happy with it!”
    Johan Kolman. The Netherlands

  12. frankie meek

    “A beautiful book and an inspiration to read.”
    James Pollard. UK

  13. frankie meek

    “I received mine today. Very beautiful and interesting. Well Till now I mostly looked at the incredible large amounts of Lodge artwork in the book but that part is already great and interesting enough.”
    Wilfred Berendsen. The Netherlands

  14. frankie meek

    “It’s a wonderful volume of outstanding quality. Something that Brian and the Trust should be very proud of. I can’t wait to start reading it.”
    Rocky Montgomery. USA

  15. frankie meek

    “Hello Brian,
    Just a quick note to thank you for the wonderful book about George Lodge which arrived today. I think you did a really terrific job assembling all the illustrations, editing the diaries, and designing this work. I couldn’t be happier to add it to my hawking library, and, of course, to reading it throughout the coming days of Corvid seclusion. Congrats!”
    All the best, Peter Devers. USA

  16. frankie meek

    “Hi Brian,
    Just getting to browse through the Lodge book and wanted to say what a wonderful book it is! A brilliant achievement full of interesting history, photos and artwork, lots of which I hadn’t seen before. It’s obvious a lot of work and care went into its production and I’m sure I’ll have many hours of pleasurable reading ahead.”
    With best, John Baumlin. USA

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