A Special Announcement

The George Edward Lodge Trust was established in 2007. One of the Trusts aims was to find a home (shrine) open to the public to exhibit George Lodge memorabilia and artwork. I am thrilled to announce on behalf of the Trustees, we have finally found one. The museum based in the Sir Joseph Banks Centre, Horncastle, Lincolnshire, opened in May 2021. The Centre is the place to go to discover Horncastle’s history and heritage, which now includes George Lodge… The collection will showcase Lodge the artist, naturalist and falconer, and so much more. After all these years of searching, the waiting was meant to be—Lodge is going home! I am excited with this new Trust chapter, working closely with the museum—To advance education of the public in the artwork, life and skills of Lodge.
Lodge was born in Horncastle and went to Horncastle Grammar School. Rev. Samuel Lodge M.A., (George Lodges father) became rector of the Parishes of Scrivelsby and Dalderby, and was appointed Rural Dean of Horncastle. He had the Rectory built at Scrivelsby, where Lodge spent a happy childhood from the age of nine. Lodge showed promise in drawing and painting, so at the age of fourteen he was sent to the Lincoln School of Art, where he won several prizes.

His ashes are interred beside his beloved family members in the Scrivelsby churchyard of St Benedict’s Church. Whilst staying at Horncastle and handing over the collection (cataloguing), we paid our respects—placed a variety of feathers; gyrfalcon, peregrine, merlin and sparrowhawk on Lodge’s gravestone.

We had a kind invitation from Francis and Gail Dymoke, the present owners of Scrivelsby Estate. The Lodge family knew the Dymoke family well. Scrivelsby Court was the home of the King’s Champions. The Rev. Samuel researched the families of Marmion and Dymoke, the King’s Champions. He wrote and published, Scrivelsby, the Home of the Champions (1893).

We had a lovely three day stay at Horncastle and was made to feel very welcome. Special thanks to Paul Scott (SJB Soc. Curator), Ken Richard (SJB Soc. Trustee), Trevor Olsson (SJB Soc. Trustee) and Jackie Goodhall (SJB Soc. Volunteer).

The Sir Joseph Banks Museum is planning an exhibition on Lodge later this year (date to be confirmed). Joseph Banks Centre website: https://www.joseph-banks.org.uk